How We Help

Healing is possible.

Whether you recently had surgery or you’re looking for relief from chronic pain or just miss feeling confident in moving easily, the journey to healing can feel daunting. At Xcel, we believe no one should feel alone in their suffering. That’s why our therapists love what they do: They get to help you reclaim your full mobility—and your life.


Get to the root of your limitations.

Click where it hurts and our team will help you uncover why you may be experiencing the pain and what we can do to resolve it.

Don’t let another day hold you back.

Begin your recovery journey so you can move forward with life the way you want it.

1. Schedule your initial assessment.
You don’t have to keep feeling held back by your limitations. Schedule an initial assessment today and discover how our expert team can help you regain the life you love.

2. Develop your treatment plan.
Our patient-centered therapists take time to understand your limitations and challenges in order to develop a personalized treatment plan focused on effectively healing your dysfunction.

3. Get back to the life you love.
After your first appointment, you’ll feel confident in attaining lasting relief and enjoying your life without limits.

Pursue life on your terms.

We understand the challenges you face with limited mobility and constant dysfunction. From missing out on family outings to living with unrealized potential, it can feel like life is leaving you behind. But at Xcel, we create an individualized treatment plan to restore your health and reclaim your life.

Our highly trained therapists have expertise in a variety of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Orthopedic Physical Therapy - Orthopedics is the medical specialty dedicated to preserving and restoring function in the musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves. Our goal is early, rapid return to optimal function, treating a variety of conditions such as rotator cuff repair, meniscus repair, hip arthroscopy, ACL repair, and foot/ankle surgeries.
  • Sports Medicine - We treat a wide variety of sports injuries from pre-teens to the senior athlete. No matter the patient, our goal is simple: to return you to your sport as efficiently as possible. Our intervention covers post-operative rehabilitation, as well as conservative (non-operative) treatment of any issue which limits optimal participation. As is the general rule, the earlier the treatment occurs after injury, the better the result.
  • Amputee Program - We focus on returning you to an active, healthy lifestyle after amputation. Concentrating on strength, posture, range of motion, gait, balance, skin integrity, and more, we provide a caring team ready to guide you with a positive attitude and a willingness to help you overcome your present obstacles.
  • Trigger Point Dry Needling - Our physical therapists use thin, solid filament needles to deactivate and desensitize the knots in muscles and tissue that cause pain and decreased function.
  • Manual Physical Therapy - Manual physical therapy is a hands-on technique that decreases pain and improves range-of-motion and flexibility to stiff joints and muscles.
  • Joint Replacement - With our strong relationships with several orthopedic surgeons, we see a wide variety of total shoulder, total hip, and total knee replacements, as well as less common procedures like great toe joint arthroplasty. Our approach is similar to that employed with other conditions – we have found that early aggressive treatment with a manual-centered approach hastens the recovery process significantly.
  • Neurological Rehabilitation - We serve all kinds of patients with differing levels of challenge, from the wheelchair-bound post spinal-cord injury to the high-level athlete returning to their sport after a physical or concussion event. We also help patients struggling with loss of balance and progressive neurological disorders like neuropathy and Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Fitness & Wellness - You’ll discover a wide variety of fitness and wellness programs at Xcel. We target the overall wellness of our patients through nutrition and fitness programs and offer programs for the young and old as well through the Xplode! Sports Performance program and our Functional Fitness Program (formerly Senior Fitness) classes.
  • Blood Flow Restriction - By temporarily reducing blood flow to an area of the body, we can help you heal without burning out the muscles. We use this technique to help you get better faster, or enhance your performance at sports.

Regain the independence you deserve.

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